Light commercial vehicle – Piagio PORTER 4X4 image

The Porter 4×4 is the ultimate choice for working in difficult terrains and is highly compact which makes it incredibly easy to manoeuvre in restricted areas where access may be limited for larger vehicles. Travelling to rural areas will prove easy in the practical Porter 4×4 as its compact dimensions work in its favour, meaning it can travel down narrow, windy lanes without difficulty.
Its permanent four-wheel drive system with electronic locking centre differential makes the Porter 4×4 ideal for working in tough environments and means it can adapt accordingly in rough, off-road conditions. With a fully loaded surmountable gradient of 28° and a maximum lateral incline of 45°, the Porter 4×4 is designed to work through challenging terrain as well as battling all weather conditions. The Porter 4×4 has enhanced traction controlled by its advanced all-wheel drive system assisting it through potential hazards such as icy slopes and muddy fields with ease.
Porter 4×4 will cost £7,795 ( for the base model ) and £6,295 for two-wheel drive range.

  • noroadzone

    The Piagio Porter looks like an ordinary van but it can be used to ride in rough terrains and in worse weather conditions, talking about being tough!

  • Thrandur 4×4

    Will be interesting to see how Piaggio manages to move into the world of 4×4 vehicles.