The Italian car design company Pininfarina is planning to put the Cambiano Concept into production in a limited edition.

According to Pininfarina, if the Cambiano Concept will be made in 10 units, prices for each would retail for about 1 million euros, while if the production run would be increased to 70 or 75 units, the price of each one should drop to 400,000 euros. If the model will eventually get the green light for production, it will still take 24 to 30 months to actually start making it, and the Cambiano is expected to come with a diesel-powered internal combustion engine as a range extender and not a diesel-fueled turbine like the concept.

“We are evaluating the potential for companies and private buyers interested in a high-performance, low-emission luxury model such as the Cambiano”, as the Pininfarina CEO, Sergio Angori, told Automotive News Europe.

The Pininfarina Cambiano Concept is currently being powered by a range-extended electric drivetrain, which is coming with four electric motors, each of them generating 82 horsepower, and a small diesel engine, which acts like a generator to recharge the batteries. The 0 to 100 km/h acceleration, in the 1,700 kg (2,748 lb) car, takes just 4.2 seconds and the vehicle can go up to 275 km/h (186 mph), with an electric drive range of 205 km, which can be extended to 800 with the use of the diesel engine.


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