Pininfarina teaser makes us think of electric luxury sedan for Geneva image

Last year during the Geneva Motor Show Pininfarina amazed the world with the H2 Speed hydrogen-powered race car – but this year the design house takes a different approach.

Albeit just as green, the new concept from Pininfarina appears to be a luxury electric sedan, judging from the official teaser. Named H600, the concept was ordered by the Hybrid Kinetic Group out of Hong Kong. The company is interested in “the development, manufacturing, and marketing of new energy vehicles and their key components,” and is most likely one of the many new players in the EV field on the Chinese market. With such a new introduction, the details are of course shrouded in mystery. The only teaser so far depicts the back of a silver luxury sedan with a sleek taillight design and the Hybrid Kinetic Group logo on the trunk.

Pininfarina touts on its social media channels the concept will use “electric propulsion,” and comes as “both elegant and comfortable.” Since we’re dealing with the Geneva Motor Show, the usual venue for exotic apparitions, other coachbuilders such as Italdesign or Giugiaro are also preparing their own outstanding apparitions. Pininfarina’s new concept will make its debut on March 1 during the opening press day of the Geneva Motor Show.