Pininfarina’s CEO said that the automaker might manufacture a small number of the Sergio concept, with a starting price of around 3 million euro.

“We are considering a very limited run of five to six units,” said Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori at the Geneva auto show, where the automaker unveiled the model.

The Sergio model is based on the same structure as the Ferrari 458 Spider, but the concept is considered a barchetta as it has no side windows or windshield, which is indeed a problem. The Sergio has other extreme design details such as the height of the rollbar, which also functions as a rear spoiler and the width of the air intakes, as the automaker aimed at making the concept more appealing.

“European homologation rules require people driving in a car with no windshield such as the Sergio to wear an helmet,” said Pininfarina chief designer Fabio Filippini. “We already know how and where to modify the Sergio concept car to make it into a compliant, street-legal model.”

According to Paolo Pininfarina, the chairman of the company, the concept was created to pay tribute for his father, Sergio Pininfarina, the Italian design house’s longtime chairman and CEO, who died in July at 85 years old.


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