Pininfarina will produce the Bluecar electric vehicle image

Italian car designer and niche producer Pininfarina has signed a deal with France’s Bollore group for electric car production for Paris’s Autolib project, it said on Thursday.

Pininfarina said today that it will lease an Italian factory to prototype company Cecomp. Cecomp will build 4,000 units of the electric-car that will be used in Autolib, a car-sharing service in France.

“The total value of the rent is 14 million euros (19 million dollars)” and the deal runs out at the end of 2013, Pininfarina said in a statement.

Pininfarina, famous for designing Ferraris and Cadillacs, said the contract was signed on Wednesday and was “a preliminary binding agreement.”

The original Bluecar concept was powered by a lithium metal polymer (LMP) battery and was capable of a 155 mile range. It was developed together with another French firm, Bollore, which supplied the propulsion technology for its drivetrain.