Sep.14 (GMM/ Pirelli and the FIA are working to avoid a repeat of the post-race controversy that followed the recent Italian grand prix.

After the Monza race, and with the sport still nervous about the Spa blowout saga, Lewis Hamilton’s win was in doubt for some time because his tyres had been found to be beneath the new minimum pressures mandated by Pirelli and the governing body.

But Pirelli chief Paul Hembery said on Monday that efforts will now be put into ensuring a repeat does not occur.

“During these days (in Singapore), we will be defining, together with the FIA, a clearer procedure enabling the teams to more easily follow the rules regarding tyre usage,” he said.

“This is important to avoid any misunderstandings, by giving the teams more precise indications to comply with, thus avoiding what happened to Mercedes in Monza.”


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