Plans for NYC to get 2,000 more taxis, indicating more traffic image

New York City could get 2, 000 more taxis on the streets which will of course ease the problems of pedestrians who hunt for transportation, but would increase traffic.

Charles Komanoff, the transport economist has been questioned by NPR about his opinion of the plan that brings an addition of 2,000 taxis for the city. However, his take wasn’t that positive where he explained the valid reason of traffic increase. He cleared that it is a good sign for people who will find it little easier to get a cab, but more cars eventually means more traffic to the city. In fact, he added not just more traffic, but it would be more constant traffic.

The other reason that adds to the concern is that taxis cover road space for 24 hours a day, whereas; private cars reach their destinations and park. 24×7 taxi services means slow down of all the traffic that includes cars, buses and other vehicles. As per the estimation made by Komanoff, the traffic of NYC would slow down by at least 12%. One can catch a taxi about 60 seconds faster, but traffic will be more than before, making more time consuming to reach a specific destination.

He also added that the slowdown of transportation could cost around $500 million to the city each year due to extra loss of time. However, the plan to add 2,000 more cabs to the streets is now passing through a lawsuit by cabbies as more cabs indicate more competition.