Playboy Magazine Releases the 2013 Car of the Year List image

The Playboy magazine has released its 2013 Car of the Year list, with the new 2013 Porsche 911 taking the first spot.

The Hottest Roadster is the Mercedes-Benz SL500 which impresses with its tons of power, all-aluminum body and tire-melting torque, not to mention all that speed. If you want the highest level of comfort and the state-of-the-art technology, be ready to cash out around $106,405.

The Best SUV is the Land rover Range Rover. The fourth-generation Range Rover, the first SUV with all-aluminum body reducing the weight with 700 pounds, will certainly get your vote and appreciation. It is perfect for any type of road and trip and its computer automatically selects the best all-wheel-drive setup. It combines a masculine exterior design with refined and elegant curves on the inside. Get ready to pay around $83,500 for this beauty.

The Slickest Sport Sedan is the BMW M5. This full-size sport sedan, this asphalt-devourer, is able to fulfill all your dreams with its uniquely crafted twin-turbo V8 and its intuitive navigation system. The 560 horsepower will definitely make you feel like a pro racer. $92,095 is a fair price don’t you think?

The Special Shout-out category was won by the Cadillac ATS. If you have doubts about this jaw-dropping sport sedan, maybe you will take former pro racer Derek Hill’s word who has driven this beauty in GM’s commercials. According to him “It was the ultimate test drive.”

The Honda Fit EV won the Ace Electric category. This cute and stylish little car offers an 82-mile combined city-highway-range equivalent and it charges in three hours. You’d better hurry if you want one because of its limited availability in 2013. This car can be yours for $37,415.

When it comes to American Muscle we have two winners: the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and the Ford Shelby GT500. The Camaro offers 580 horsepower, 556 foot-pounds of torque and a styling which make it look like the Batmobile, while the more refined Ford offers 662 horsepower and 202 mph top speed. Anyhow, both models would make any American proud.