Japanese car manufacturer Mitsubishi is going to launch the first plug-in hybrid vehicle within the next generation of Outlander model.

Mitsubishi is going green, keeping its rythm with the eco-friendly cars of major manufacturers, by announcing the launch of the next generation of Outlander plug-in hybrid, which will be based on the PX-MiEV.

According to the Japanese car manufacturer, the new plug-in hybrid is part of Mitsubishi’s plan to roll out multiple alternative powertrain vehicles by 2015, which can also include the next generation of the Evolution model.

The PX-MiEV plug-in hybrid has a 1.6 litre four cylinder engine, which generates 114 HP and 92 Nm, with two electric motors which do most of the work. The electric motor, mounted on the front axle, drives the wheels, but when there is not enough power, the gas engine steps up to do the work. When the petrol engine is not needed it generates energy to the battery or to the electric motors, which generate 60 HP each, or it simply switches off.

Mitsubishi officials say that the PX-MiEV can be charged from a standard 110-volt wall socket, a 200-volt socket or a special high voltage quick charger.

The new vehicle can be seen this year at the Tokyo Auto Show which will debute in early December.



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