Pocket airplane – 300 km/h and 1.700km range for 80k euros image

Flight Design’s CT sw has been in production ever since 1997 but the Germans managed to sell only 1.000 units of the small plane until now, even if the model costs 80.000 euros and it can hit a top speed of 300 km/h, being also small enough to fit most backyards or even garages.

Who said the future needs to be green with hybrid / electric / hydrogen powered vehicles that will drive on the same crowded roads if for the price of a midsized full-options German saloon you can actually buy a plane which is small enough to fit your backyard or garage and the license to fly it can be taken in just three months for another 4.000 euros.

The German manufacturer of the CT sw, Flight Design, says that its small plane has a total weight of 400 kg while being empty and its cruising speed is 240 km/h, when the machine is burning just 18l/100km fo 95 or 98 octane gas while its top speed can hit 300 km/h using the ROTAX engine which is delivering 100 horsepower.

Flight Design also says that the CT sw needs at least 90m of grass soil for lift off and landing so these surfaces aren’t a problem in most countries. Well, what are you waiting for? Save more money and buy one instead of that new Prius!