Polestar treats the all-new Volvo XC60 to first performance enhancement image

There’s an all-new Swedish crossover ready to hit the streets – the second generation XC60 is coming after a very successful run of the previous model – and Volvo is pulling all the strings to make sure that’s going to happen again.

And that includes performance enhancements from the Polestar division – just prior to the nameplate becoming its own rightful company taking care of performance enhancements in the green department. That’s a logical step – since Volvo has already announced they will have an entirely electrified model range starting 2019 (mild hybrids, hybrids, plug in and all-electrics). The performance brand has worked its magic on the flagship XC60 T8. It’s the exact same powertrain as seen in the XC90 T8, with similar enhancements for the new XC60.

Polestar treats the all-new Volvo XC60 to first performance enhancement 3

The plug-in hybrid is now packing 421 horsepower (314 kilowatts), just like the XC90 T8 Polestar, so they’re both the most powerful production cars in the brand’s history. Polestar was not alone – as they enlisted the help of Cyan Racing, the motorsport partner of the division to morph the “engine performance, throttle response, off-throttle response, gearshift speed and hold, taking the XC60 to a new level of driving pleasure.” Engineers worked on the engine oomph but also on the gearbox’s responsiveness. Polestar also worked on other versions of the new XC60, including the T6, T5, D5, and D4. All with Volvo warranty. ”Our goal is to create usable performance in everyday driving situations for Volvo owners who want an enhanced driving experience,” Henrik Fries, Vice President of R&D.