Polestar’s latest teaser leaves nothing to imagination image

Recently spun off the Swedish automaker Volvo by Chinese parent Geely, Polestar is ready to showcase its first ever model – dubbed Polestar 1 – and they’re now presenting us with a full view of the rear.

In case you didn’t know, Polestar was first a motorsport partner for Volvo, then an associated tuning house and then became a fully-owned subsidiary – though it has quickly evolved into a separate company that will grace us with electrified performance cars. The debut is imminent – set for October 17 – and Polestar has decided to almost fully complete the initial teaser image that had puzzle-like pieces missing. The stylish derriere has clear connections to the Volvo Concept Coupe – and the teaser also delivers the model’s name to be Polestar 1.

Aside from the unimaginative name, the design looks quite rakish – we have a flowing roof with a good amount of glass, a muscular frame with massive fenders and what looks like a retractable spoiler on the trunk lid. The bracket-shaped taillights seem to suggest polestar isn’t just ready to give up on the Volvo connection. Allegedly a coupe, Polestar 1 is probably a concept for now – as rumors speak of a 2019 arrival in showrooms, complete with a plug in hybrid powertrain.