Polish journalist crashes Lotus Elise Club Racer image

A Lotus Elise Club Racer has been crashed by a Polish journalist who was test-driving the British sports car offered by the local dealer.

According to Police reports, the Polish journalist was test-driving the Lotus Elise Club Racer on a highway near Warsaw but because of the wet road, he lost control of the sports car, crashing it beyond repair. The Polish journalist almost lost his life in the crash, as you can see in the images below, but someone Up there loves him and he walked away unharmed.

This isn’t the first time when a journalist is crashing a sports car and almost three months ago, an Austrian journalist, named Thomas Glavinic, was overtaking a long truck at the end of a car column but he ended up hitting the same truck. The result of the crash was damaging the Lamborghini Aventador which he was test-driving, but you can find out more about this incident by clicking this link.

As a reminder, the Lotus Elise Club Racer is a special edition of the Lotus Elise, being 24 kilograms lighter than the standard car, and even if 24 kg doesn’t seem to be such a big deal, we’ll remind you that this is one of the lightest sports cars on the market. Prices for the 2011 Lotus Elise Club Racer start at 34.450 EUR.

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    I’ll go on a diet and loose 24kg and save myself a lot of money on this car