New car registrations in Poland rose for the second straight month this August with an increased demand for vehicles despite a weakening economy, according to an industry monitor.

Research institute Samar, which handles Polish car market data, stated that passenger cars and small trucks sales in August grew 6.4% year-on-year to 23,348, following a 5.9% increase in July compared to 2013, when the Polish new car market was up to 29,253 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 223,721 units, up 16% on 2013.

August was the 15th consecutive month when new vehicle sales rose in annual terms. That being said, Poland’s economy is still expected to slow down, as the August PMI index shows a decline in the manufacturing sector for the second straight month.

Samar also stated that the August sales make it almost certain that the second-half sales of 2014 will show a further increase as the fourth quarter of the year is usually a time of higher car sales in Poland.

Along with Toyota, General Motors’ Opel and Ford, the top selling car makers in Poland are Volkswagen and its subsidiary, Skoda, which has the Skoda Octavia model as the most popular in the country and the Skoda Rapid model taking the 6th spot.

By Gabriela Florea



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