Pop Stars Cheryl Cole and Will.i.am Injured in a Car Accident in Los Angeles image

Wednesday night, pop stars Cheryl Cole and Will.i.am have been injured in a minor car crash in Los Angeles.

The accident took place after the two left the studio after a long day of recording. Will.i.am was driving his £100,000 Cadillac and his best friend Cole was beside him in the front passenger seat, when he hit a parked car. They suffered minor injuries, such as whiplash and bloody noses. The accident, which occurred at 3:30 a.m. could have ended much worse as Cole’s airbag didn’t open and she was thrown headfirst into the dashboard.

Will.i.am’s airbag opened and hit him in the face causing him a nose bleed, and Cheryl was left with bruising. Both celebrities quickly assured their fans that they were ok. Will.i.am tweeted: ‘Car accidents are not dope. I’m glad I’m OK.’

‘Just spoke to @iamwill, everything is OK. He and Cheryl Cole are both fine. It was a minor fender bender after a long day/night in the studio,’ tweeted Will’s manager Polo Molina.

The cause of the accident is still unclear, but it is known that both starts have been working really hard lately. Cheryl has been preparing for weeks for her solo tour which begins on October 3rd. She has spent hours daily hitting the gym and then other long hours recording in the studio.