Porsche’s four-cylinder engine is under development image

Porsche has confirmed it is working on a 4-cylinder horizontally opposed gasoline engine, according to “high-ranking officials at Porsche’s Weissach research and development center in Germany.

According to Autoweek magazine, the new boxer engine will be based on the company’s six-cylinder engine and feature a light-pressure turbocharger as well as direct injection. Insiders suggest it will also be offered on the third-generation Boxster and the second-generation Cayman later on in their respective model cycles.

With the benefit of forced induction and direct injection, the engine could make as much as 380 horsepower, though we expect much tamer, 200-300 horsepower versions to be the norm for the range.

We have to note that the upcoming powerplant has a difficult job, as it will appear in a time when hot hatches have no shame in taking on sports cars and Porsche couldn’t afford one of its models being left in the dust of a Renault Megane RS, for example.

This confirmation also brings us one step closer to a confirmation for the all-new flat-8 engine that has been rumored to go into Porsche’s new Ferrari competitor.

It is possible that this new flat-eight can be an extension of the now-confirmed modular four cylinder engine.