Porsche 4×4 made for the military back in 1957 could bring in $263,000 at auction image

Well, you might have never known that Porsche’s Cayenne was not the first SUV it ever made – ok, for this vehicle the term is being very loosely observed.

You might not believe it but this 4×4 military vehicle is indeed a Porsche – the 597 Jagdawagen 4×4 follows in the footsteps of the Wyllis Jeep from WWII as it was intended for military use. Fortunately enough, the 597 will never experience the harshness of a battlefield and instead will only fight its way to a new owner during an auction at the upcoming Goodwood Revival. The design influence – Volkswagen’s Kubelwagen – is pretty visible and the 597 was built by the famous Ferdinand Porsche.

Porsche 4x4 made for the military back in 1957 could bring in $263,000 at auction 3

The 597 was better looking and of course had better performance – making use of higher side sills, torsion-bar stabilizers, and an air-cooled four-cylinder engine placed in the back. There were just 50 horsepower (37 kilowatt) to be used, with maximum speed at about 62 mph (100 km/h). Meanwhile, the 507 was able to go up gradients as steep as 65 percent, had semi-amphibious capabilities and the vinyl top and weather-proof interior would serve the go-anywhere purpose well. Porsche as a brand was still in its early days and couldn’t build the vast number of vehicles the military needed, so just 71 units were made between 1955 and 1958 – with 49 actually sold on the civilian market. The example here was sold new for private use in Germany and currently belongs to a Japanese collection.