Porsche 550 Spyder to replace the Boxter image

Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller has confirmed the production of the classic 550 Spyder which will be the replacement for the popular Boxter model.

Rumors that a new entry-level in the Porsche family will appear as the revival of the classic 550 Spyder were just shredded by the company’s CEO Matthias Mueller, who has announced the replacement of the popular Boxter model with an open-top two-seat racer.

According to the manufacturer, the new entry level will be less expensive than the current Boxter. “I can imagine that such a modern version of the famous James Dean Porsche would be well-received by our customers”, said Mueller when the rumor appeared about a week ago.

The new model will be a mid-engine turbocharged 1.6 liter which will develop around 200 HP. The starting price of the new Porsche model will be around 39.000 pounds, 8.000 pounds less than the current Boxter.

The new Porsche entry-level model is scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2014.