Porsche 911 SP91-R by SpeedART going to Geneva image

The German aftermarket specialists at SpeedART have officially announced that the SP91-R package for the Porsche 911 (991) will debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

The new generation of the Porsche 911 (991) is finally here and the tuners at SpeedART have just decided that the sports car is apparently too dull. So they’ve called their designers and their engineers and started work on the SP91-R package, which will be officially presented to the public at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March.

“The newest invention of German Porsche tuner SpeedART is called SP91-R (based on the new 911/991 Carrera S)”, as the aftermarket specialists are saying in their official press release.

According to the guys at SpeedART, the Porsche 911 (991) Carrera S is coming with some exterior modifications, like the CS-rear wing, 21 inch LSC gorged wheels or the sport suspensions. Besides these, the cabin has also been slightly modified by SpeedART and it now has a sport steering wheel, leather and Alcantara trim and many other components.

But an aftermarket package isn’t complete without an engine boost, even if it isn’t extreme so the tuners at SpeedART have revised the ECU and fitted the sports car with a new exhaust system, the result being an extra 25 horsepower and 20 Nm of torque (15 lb-ft).