Porsche 911 upgraded with performance kit and other tweaks image

The famed German sports car is up for complete renewal possibly as soon as next year, but the company is not discarding potential customers of the current model – offering new kit and options on the 911.

For example, upcoming owners of the 911 can order the new performance package for the 911 S, 4S, and Targa 4S that adds GTS-like power but without the rest of the upgrades. The models will feature a 30-hp power increase to 444 hp (331 kW) thanks to bigger turbos, but there are also dynamic engine bearings, modified brake cooling, and a sports exhaust. Current owners of the 911 S can even order this as a retrofit as long as they have the Sport Chrono package – but we only have the price for new, which is $12,350 with the manual or $12,870 with the PDK. There’s also an improved Porsche Connect Plus software inside, with streaming capabilities or Wi-Fi hot spot. Drivers in Japan and China also now have access to the automaker’s concierge service.

Porsche 911 upgraded with performance kit and other tweaks 7

This particular service allows them to do things such as book flights, rent cars, get a hotel room, or make restaurant reservations from the vehicle – the technology is also capable of transferring the destination info onto the infotainment system’s navigation display. There are also new colors and trim options for the 911 – chalk lacquer for the exterior, optional sports exhaust with high-gloss black tailpipes, black satin finish for the roll hoop on the Targa or the Sporttex fabric upholstery in a black hue or a mix of graphite blue and chalk.