The model is not really your regular Porsche classic car to dream off – since the Porsche-VW joint collaboration of the 1970s was mostly a hit towards a big miss.

There were of course the Porsche aficionados that would have snatched anything with the badge on it – even if it was a plain brick – and those looking to reach the Porsche aura but lacked the financing means. So, the 914 did sell… But the particular unit we have here is a different animal altogether. That’s because we’re talking about a 1974 model year 914/4, the most barren version of the car made by Karman. Which in the mean time has been transformed to emulate a future classic version of the Cayman GT4, thanks to its engine being sourced from the 911 – a 3.2-liter Carrera heart. With the mid-mounted soul and tipping the scales at 2,150 lbs (wet weight), this flat-six equipped “youngtimer” has 200 hp and 197 lb-ft of torque – which is like taking the power up around 220 percent.

The modifications also include a bespoke 915 transaxle, some Fuchs rims using 265/45 tires at the back and 225/50 ones up front, a set of 930-generation 911 brakes, meaning the ultimate goal of the conversion was to achieve the fabled Porsche handling balance. By the way, did you notice the 2-inch roof chop? And if you really have to ask, this model is up for grabs and has the master brake cylinder and the rear deck lid as the only areas where no customizations were operated.

Via  canepa collection


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