Porsche 918 is ready to race with its stunning looks image

Porsche will never stay back in the list when it comes about competition. Now this world-class company will enter its outstanding 918 Spyder concept in the year 2011’s Nurburgring 24-hours race. This is what, the reports from Germany say.

As far as the engineers are concerned, they are at present working on to get the top speed of up to 200mph of hybrid. In this, Porsche has claimed that the car could do a lap of the Ring in just 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Porsche 918 Spyder has a powerful boost under its hood, which offers a 493bhp V-8 engine along with an electric drive system. The electric drive system makes the car to drive up to 15.6-miles on the electric power alone.


The car has all the beautiful settings that will entice everyone to buy or see it continuously for a long time. For this year, the Porsche 918 has already become a star of the Geneva motor show. Porsche has also said that “it will make it if there are more than 1000 expressions of interest”. Till the end of April, Porsche had already made up to 900. This year, the firm has entered its 911 hybrid in the Nurburgring 24-hours. So just stay back and relax, until the results come out and the car’s performance gets revealed.


Well, Porsche is all set to prove itself the best in the world of cars with its magnificent Porsche 918. So those seeking to get this car, stay updated, as 900 people are waiting to buy one of the hybrid supercars in the line.