Porsche 959 crashed in Montreal image

A very rare Porsche 959 has been recently crashed in Montreal after its driver losing control of his precious sports car and wrecking it in a curve.

We have always said here on inautonews.com that where ever there will be exotic cars there will also be exotic car crashes and, until people will have to get a different driver’s license before being allowed to own or drive a powerful vehicle, scenes like this one will continue to end up in our news. According to Jalopnik.com, the driver of a very rare Porsche 959 has lost control of his ride in a curve and crashed it. Rumors are saying that the driver of the white Porsche 959 was wearing a pair of flip-flops which are known to be used by professional racing drivers too (or not!).

The Porsche 959 is really a collector’s item and the model has only been produced in just a little over 300 units, being originally a Group B rally car and after that a legal production vehicle. In order to meet the FIA homologation regulations, at least 200 street legal units had to be produced and back in 1986, this was one of the fastest cars in the world, being able to reach a top speed of 195 mph.