Porsche ads 1,500 jobs for new Leipzig factory image

German carmaker Porsche will open a new factory in eastern Germany, bringing over 1, 500 jobs to the Leipzig area. The Stuttgart-based company has poured €500 million into its new assembly plant.

Opening on February 11th, the factory will make some of the 50,000 Macans that will be produced each year, a spokeswoman said. It will also take on over 1,500 new employees – a boost for the Leipzig area, which, like large parts of former East Germany, is calling out for more jobs.

The factory will sit near that of another big German car name – BMW. The manufacturer also has a plant in Leipzig where from Autumn 2014 its electric car model the i3 and the i8 will be made.

Car production is now so concentrated in the state of Saxony that half of all auto workers employed in eastern German are based there. However, 92.6 percent of industry employees are still in the west.

Porsche flourished in 2013, breaking its sales records from 2012 as it rolled out 147,290 cars.

Via The Local