New research studies show that luxury automakers Porsche and Bentley are two of the biggest offenders for the recent increase in electrical faults.

As vehicles’ gadget complexity continues to increase, so are the car electrical faults. On the list with the automakers whose vehicles have the least reliable electrics, Renault takes the first place followed by luxury brands Bentley and Porsche.

The list also includes Chrysler with 66% of its Sebring models experiencing electrical issues, 63% of the Hyundai Matrix vehicles and 60% of the Mercedes-Benz E Class. Data also shows that each year 25% of Saab, Audi, Renault, Seat, Citroen and BMW vehicles deal with electrical faults.

Over a five-year period, Warranty Direct has taken a look at 50,000 insurance policies for more than three-year old vehicles and saw that the costs to repair electrical faults in a Porsche vehicle would reach around $1,200, compared with $1,100 for a Bentley and only $400 for a Suzuki.

The results also show that the number of electrical issue has increased from5,300 in2008 to 11,500 last year. This means that annually one in four drivers deal with an electrical fault, therefore prices for this kind of problems jumping from $367 to $483 over the same period.

On the other side, only1 in7 Subaru vehicles experienced electrical faults each year, and there were no such issues recorded with the Volkswagen Passat CC, Toyota Prius, Mazda 5 and Honda S2000.

“As automotive technology continues to advance, cars get more and more complex. Nowhere is that more so than in the field of computer technology and other electronics. But while these advances can undoubtedly improve the performance and safety of cars, they also have a knock-on effect on how often they fail and how much it costs to repair them,” said David Gerrans, Warranty Direct managing director.



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