In the world of exclusive furniture pieces this one should feel right at home – Porsche is delivering now the Office Chair RS, which is going to set you back a cool $6, 570.

The contraption has been designed for the Porsche aficionado that believes all the time in the world should be spent in a car from the Stuttgart-based automaker. The automaker has come up with a solution – you can take the Porsche racing atmosphere both home or at work by using their brand new… office chair. The Office Chair RS is basically a marriage between the sports seat you can find in a regular 911 Carrera GTS and GT3 vehicle and a regular indoor office chair. Porsche is pretty proud of their new contraption and says it has been adorned with the same leather, Alcantara, and contrasting red stitching that they use in the factory when manufacturing the seats for the actual sports cars.

While the design is rather quirky and debatable, the seat even comes with electrically-adjustable backrest, powered by a rechargeable battery, and an embossed Porsche emblem in the headrest. But the thing is this 77-pound (35-kilogram) chair that is assembled in Germany will set you back a lofty $6,750. If you’re breaking the bank on this chair you may also want to consider things such as a Porsche 911 Turbo wheel rim clock which retails for $2,299 or a GT3 Cup shelf that goes for $4,230.


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