An entry-level version of the classic 550 Spyder will hit the Porsche production line, as confirmed by Matthias Mueller, the car manufacturer boss.

“I can imagine that suck a modern version of the famous James Dean Porsche would be well-received by customers”, said the Porsche boss Matthias Mueller to the German Handelsblatt newspaper.

Even though this may seem as a good idea for Porsche fans who can’t quite afford a Boxter, it is expected for the “911-want-to-be” to have a significant raise of its price.

The “Baby-Boxter” could probably benefit from the four-cylinder boxer engine, the same as its older “brother”, which, according to Autocar will be sized at 2.5 liters and, turbocharged, will be producing around 360 BHP.

The new Porsche model is expected to be mid-engined and could share the same platform as the proposed Audi R4 roadster. The design of the future model will not be retro-styled, according to Mueller.

The new “Baby-Boxter” Porsche is expected to cost around 35.000 pounds with a release date unknown for now.


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