Porsche to build cars in China and U.S.! image

According to CEO Matthias Mueller, Porsche production capacity at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen factory was insufficient to meet worldwide sales targets, particularly in emerging markets like China.

The company will discuss this year whether to open assembly plants in China or US, Mueller is quoted as saying by the German Focus magazine.

“This year, we are going to discuss whether to start assembly in Asia or North America,” Matthias Mueller told Focus magazine.

“The main thing is that the car has ‘Engineered by Porsche’ on it. Where it is produced is no longer so important,” he added.

The next small Cajun SUV could share the same factory with its platform mate, the Audi Q5, an Suv which is made in the northeast city of Changchun – China.
Porsche saw a strong gain in sales in 2010. In 2010 a total number of 95,000 cars were delivered to customers . That’s 25 percent up.

In the medium term, Porsche aims to sell 200,000 cars a year, Mueller is quoted as saying.