Porsche Cayenne V8 Diesel on the way – may get a Bentley engine image

Porsche will add a V8 diesel to Euro markets “in the near future”, Car and Driver reports without citing any source.

The Cayenne S diesel will pack a V-8 instead of the regular Cayenne diesel’s V-6, and output should far exceed the six’s 240 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque.

Car and Driver posits two options for which diesel it will get called up: the 4.2-liter diesel V8 used in the Audi A8 or possibly a brand-new diesel that Porsche could share with Bentley.

With the new 2013 Range Rover Sport on the horizon with its massive weight loss and the likely option of the 4.4 liter V8 Diesel only currently available in the full size Range Rover, Porsche are going to need an answer. And they already need an answer to the BMW X5 M50d.

Something in the area of 450 horsepower and 750lb-ft of torque would certainly be nice, offering similar horsepower to the gasoline powered Cayenne S or GTS (400hp – 420hp) with the gobs more torque that you would expect from a high performance diesel V8 engine.