Porsche CEO says decision on plug-in hybrid 911 due this year image

According to the German automaker’s chief executive officer Matthias Mueller, the sports car brand will come to a decision on whether to develop and market a plug-in hybrid version of the iconic 911 model sometimes this year.

The top ranking official also commented that if successful, Porsche sees as a feasible option the introduction of plug-in hybrid variants across all model nameplates. “Why not?” Mueller said. “That is a technique which we at Porsche are very familiar with, so we can suppose that we could have plug-ins all over the model range, not only to save fuel but also to boost the performance of these cars.” The German sports car brand, a profit powerhouse for its parent company – Volkswagen AG, the world’s second largest automaker and the biggest in Europe – already has three plug-in hybrid models across the range: the 918 Spyder supercar and versions of the Cayenne large SUV and Panamera sedan.

The company has seen around 15 percent of US sales of the latter and the Cayenne version – which was recently introduced in showrooms, would also yield around 10 to 12 percent of the sales for the nameplate in the world’s largest luxury auto market, the US. According to Mueller, Porsche officials are now actively considering whether to greenlight a plug-in hybrid version of the iconic 911. The main concern – deliver the same level of true sportsmanship that is especially crucial to the 911 panache – for years the German brand’s singular flagship.

Via Automotive News Europe