Porsche CEO says what everyone knows: Panamera sedan is not beautiful image

While Porsche was blamed for destroying their panache when they decided to launch the Cayenne SUV, sales proved the detractors should hold their critics. But, in the case of the controversial Panamera, the situation is the other way around.

Although the four-door coupe is not essentially ugly, many of us felt the model perverted the traditional Porsche 911 design too much – all in the name of higher earnings. The make is still confident in the model’s capabilities and would move on to introduce a second generation in the not so distant future. Until then, we are happy to report that even the top executive at the brand, CEO Matthias Mueller, admitted that mistakes were made. Pressured during an interview with Australia’s Motoring, the Porsche boss said the interior and exterior design of the pre-facelift Panamera could have been better.

The executive did say the Quasimodo-styled model followed Cayenne’s pattern: much hype and criticism, followed by great sales results. Since the car’s introduction back in 2009, the model has constantly reigned as one of the make’s best-selling products. That’s why the second-generation, which should arrive around 2017, would follow an evolutionary design, said Mueller. If we had a say, the only reason to buy the Panamera is the outstanding Turbo version that gets you to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

Via Motoring