Porsche Compact Hatchback gets rendered image

The first renderings with a Porsche model in a compact hatchback body style have recently hit the web.

Did you ever wonder what a Porsche hatchback would look like? Well, to be honest, neither did we, but considering the fact that the German based automaker is adapting to these new times, where sports cars are not exactly the key, the development of such a model is not impossible. Porsche is already creating a luxury SUV, the Cayenne, a controversial grand tourer with four doors, the Panamera and a smaller SUV, which is called the Macan.

The images posted below are representing the Porsche Compact Hatchback and they are renderings signed by Theophilus Chin and they have been based on the Macan, as the vehicle has been turned into a compact five-door hatchback. Our guess is that such a model has a pretty good chance of catching the production line, over the next few years, and it should create a new segment, standing above the new A-Class, the 1-Series or the A3 in terms of material quality. It will probably get the new four-cylinder engine under its hood and some new technologies, becoming an even more affordable Porsche for the working man.