Porsche delivered significantly more cars to customers worldwide in June 2011. Deliveries increased by 29.5 per cent compared with the same month the year before to reach 10, 677 vehicles.

According to the latest sales reports, Porsche delivered a total of 60,659 new vehicles in the first half of the year, 36.8 per cent more than from January to June the year before.

In June 2011 Porsche managed to grow in almost every region worldwide. The response from Chinese customers was again especially strong: Deliveries more than quadrupled to 2,423 compared with the same month the year before. The most successful model apart from the Cayenne off-road vehicle was the Panamera.

With 2,546 vehicles Porsche announced growth of 18.9 per cent for the USA in June 2011. In the domestic German market, the sports car manufacturer delivered 1,344 vehicles in June, broadly in line with the same month the year before.

The diesel version of the Cayenne was especially popular. On the other hand weaker sales in a number of European markets such as Great Britain, the Netherlands or Austria translated into a 6.5 per cent Europe-wide decline in customer deliveries in June. Conversely, the Russian market showed a significant increase last month with 63.6 per cent to reach 216 vehicles.

The sports car model lines also slightly exceeded their previous year’s level in the reporting month. 2,015 vehicles of the 911 model line were delivered – up one per cent. With 1,350 vehicles delivered, the Boxster model line, which also includes the Cayman, posted growth of 6.5 per cent compared with the same month the year before.


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