Porsche Design and Sagem launched a new mobile phone. image

After a first collaboration with designer Porsche Design, the French company unveils its new P’9522, a high-end phone.  Carved from a block of aluminum and featuring a large touch screen of 2.8 inches, the P’9522 offers the latest technology: 5 Megapixels digital camera, GPS, WiFi, port expansion and even a MicroSD fingerprint reader directly from the division of Sagem biometrics, to secure access to data from the phone.

The device is also loaded with a series of third-party applications as Esmertec (Java engine), Openwave (messaging and downloading), Wayfinder (Mapping) or Opera, providing its browser web / wap.

According to Jean-Luc Heal, Vice President of Sagem Mobiles this is not a demand of their customers.

The interface and software are pretty impressive. A Java engine called Esmertec is used to load up third-party applications. With a mapping app, Opera, and Openwave for messaging, you’re pretty well set with the P’9522.
Assembled by hand in Fougeres – France, P’9522 is expected to be launched next month. Price: about 600 euros.