More precisely, the in-house design division of the automaker has decided to take a good, long look at the model’s exhaust system in order to come up with a… Bluetooth speaker.

If this sounds odd, we may kindly remind you last year Porsche Design introduced a premium, $3,000 soundbar that made actual use of the backbox and tailpipes of a 911 GT3. This new audio element – again inspired by the GT3 – is much more affordable, and smaller. The Bluetooth speaker is made out of high-quality aluminum, with the speaker actually equipped with the black tailpipes of the 911 GT3, while it’s also surrounded by a unique aluminum housing. It’s certainly going to stand out in a crowd – and fans of the GT3 will recognize the design immediately.

Now on to important figures – Porsche Design, which is focusing on design but still remembers it’s a German engineering firm at the core – announced the Bluetooth speaker is capable of no less than 60 watts, meaning it will come with the sound signature akin to a much larger system. The speaker is able to provide 24 hours of playback but friends might think about taking it to the beach party, because it weighs a hefty 3.3 kg (7.2 lbs). And the important aspect – the price is of 499 euros, which might sound a lot, but should be worth every nickle to the brand’s enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.



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