Porsche detracts from relationship with brand ambassador Maria Sharapova image

The German automaker has decided to suspend its relationship with Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova after she publicly admitted to failing a drug test during the Australian Open earlier this year.

We have no respect for the professional athletes that try to circumvent the rules – which others abide to – and we’re pretty baffled by the fact that Sharapova admitted to using the drug (which became illegal at the start of the year) for the past decade as prescribed by her doctor. Unless she has a serious affliction (which would have most likely impaired her tennis abilities) she kinda admitted to taking drugs for the past ten years because we can’t imagine any set of illness to last for so long. After the drug was recently added to the sport’s banned substances list in January she was caught red handed – and Sharapova claims she has been taking it due to a magnesium deficiency and a family history of diabetes. That goes against USA Today’s research that points to officials saying they suspect certain athletes take the Meldonium to “boost endurance and help recovery.”

Now the number of companies that want nothing to do with the tennis star is growing – Porsche has suspended the relationship pending further investigation, Tag Heuer has already said it would not renew her contract and Nike is also following on the same approach as the German automaker. Porsche has been using Sharapova as a brand ambassador for almost three years and she promoted models such as the Boxster Spyder or a one-off Panamera GTS that was specifically tailored for her.