Porsche does not see further sales growth for this year image

The arrival of the Macan compact SUV was a real driver for Porsche’s sales last year, but the company sees a slow growth for 2016.

With 225,121 vehicles sold worldwide, Porsche achieved a new record in 2015, exceeding the previous one of 189,849 cars in 2014 by 19 percent. Clearly, the growth drivers were the SUV models and the best-seller was the latest addition to the family. With more than 80,000 cars delivered, the Macan has already become the most coveted Porsche, in its very first year of full availability, closely followed by the Cayenne with 73,119 units. For this year, Porsche relies for fueling some solid growth on the arrival of a new generation of the Boxster roadster this spring and the Cayman hard-top variant later in 2016, but at a slower pace than last year’s 19 percent boost, Detlev von Platen, head of Porsche sales, said.

Porsche’s well-being is quite crucial to parent Volkswagen Group, as Europe’s largest automaker is trying to overpass the emissions scandal. Porsche is also the most profitable division and plans on further expansion, as VW looks to cut costs as much as possible to cope with the financial repercussions generated by the emissions crisis. The supercar brand said earlier in December that it would invest around 1.10 billion dollars at its plant in Zuffenhausen, which would lead to over 1,000 new jobs, all related to producing a battery-powered model.

The company remains determined to keep its high profits by not increasing volumes, von Platen said at the Detroit Auto Show. “We need to retain the brand’s exclusivity, safeguard residual values and also ensure profitability of our dealers,” the sales chief said. “We won’t push volumes.”

December January to December
2015 2014 Difference (%) 2015 2014 Difference (%)
World 15,227 20,644 -26 225,121 189,849 +19
Europe 4,845 6,339 -24 75,354 60,794 +24
Germany 1,961 1,620 +21 28,953 23,841 +21
America 4,712 4,162 +13 62,109 55,811 +11
U.S. 3,937 3,275 +20 51,756 47,007 +10
Asia-Pacific, Africa
and Middle East
5,670 10,143 -44 87,658 73,244 +20
China 3,707 6,427 -42 58,009 46,931 +24