Porsche employees receive a special bonus after a record profit year image

The maker of the iconic 911 sports car said it would give its employees an 8,911-euro bonus following the company’s best financial results ever in 2015.

Porsche is the money making division of the Volkswagen Group and the sports car brand kept its status through 2015, as well after reporting last week its most successful fiscal year in the company’s history. Sales revenue made a 25 percent jump, the same for the operating profit, while deliveries grew 19 percent last year to more than 225,000 vehicles. The Executive Board and the General Works Council of Porsche have now reached an agreement that employees deserve some special benefits to match the profit. Therefore, it has been decided to give to some 15,600 employees of Porsche AG a bonus with a gross total of 8,911 euros (9,883 dollars), adapted to their individual working hours and length of service as of last year.

The bonus has two components: 8,211 euros are being paid on account of the positive results and for the special achievements of the workforce during the past financial year of 2015, and 700 euros are available as a special contribution to the Porsche VarioRente pension scheme or to individual retirement provisions. “There’s probably nobody who expected this and hardly anyone would have dared hope for a result like this,” Chairman of the General Works Council Uwe Huck said.

Despite the demand boost in 2015, Porsche expects a slower pace for 2016 and cautions against “exaggerated expectations” for bigger profits as it has to brace for investments of billions of euros in the first pure battery-electric model, the production version based on the Mission E concept.