Porsche Exclusive teaser comes via Mark Webber image

The good folks from Zuffenhausen are stretching our patience thin because they’ve been teasing their latest Porsche Exclusive model for some months already – but they might get a pass because the latest glimpse is being provided by Mark Webber.

He’s a bit of a Scrooge though, because Mark has only been allowed to show the very small portion of the front bumper for us to discover a dark green paint and what appears to be a massive splitter – with hints of a high performance or track-exclusive model. We also can’t say for sure if this is a 911 or 718 Cayman or Boxster derivative but fortunately the tease is expected to come to an end as the Australian race car driver has also announced the official presentation is just days away.

Anyways, a hint might be provided by a video of the facelifted 911 GT3 released in March that ended with a car with a large wing hiding under a tarp. It would be odd for Porsche to talk about two models in such a short span so we could be looking at something new ending with the GT abbreviation – meaning the GT2 is just around the corner. If it’s really not 911 related, we could be looking at a high performance Cayman, which is certainly something to look forward too as well.