Porsche Expects 2013 Sales Higher Than 2012 image

Porsche plans to sell 140, 000 cars by the end of this year and expects higher sales volume in 2013.

Despite the automaker’s expectations, auto sales in 2013 are very likely to decrease in all markets, due to the continuous crisis. Chief executive Matthias Mueller said that China is expected to replace the US as the automaker’s most important market in 2013. He doesn’t exclude the possibility of manufacturing cars in China or the US, which was an inconvenient for Volkswagen. In order to reach higher sales in 2013, the producer of the 911 will cut costly projects and will focus on the emerging markets.

“We will possibly delay the one or the other project,” Porsche brand chief Matthias Mueller said yesterday.

Despite the European crisis, Porshe’s sales until now are up 15%, due to strong demand from the US and China, which has bought more Cayenne SUVs than any other market. Mueller added that car sales next year may be 5% to 10% lower than Porsche’s internal target, but the company expects 2013 sales to be at least equal to those from 2012. According to Mueller Porsche will moderately reduce its production in 2013. Last year, Porsche sold a record 118,867 vehicles worldwide, an increase of 22% compared with 2010.