Porsche has a new experience center and motorsports HQ in Los Angeles image

Never mind the releases at the Los Angeles Auto Show – there’s one location you need to pay a visit when in town – the new Porsche Experience Center.

This is a $60 million facility that has a 53-acre automotive playground – even if you don’t own a Porsche it’s worth getting there and convincing them to have your money in exchange for some R&R on their tracks. This is the second facility of such in America because California is home to 23 percent of Porsche’s annual sales. The complex is in Carson, click California, treatment and has a race track with driver-training courses, viagra 60mg as well as a museum, a restaurant, and event space.

More importantly, there’s a 4.1-mile reconfigurable race track with various tools like an ice hill, low-friction handling circuits, and a launch-control demo area, as well as an off-road course. Customers can full blast there for 90 minutes with trained instructors in Porsche cars. It’s also home to the Porsche Motorsport North America, the only factory-certified location on the continent handling the sale, service, and parts distribution of race-only models like the Cayman GT4 Clubsport, 911 GT3 R, and GT3 Cup.