Porsche investigates the new Macan for brake failure image

According to the German luxury automaker, a probe of 2, 500 new Macan cars has started, with the company aiming to assess whether there are any braking problems.

The investigation was started by the carmaker after initial quality checks showed that possibly some of the brake booster units used for the new SUV model were potentially damaged during assembly.

Porsche specifically said that even the damaged units comply with the legal requirements, though the dealer for the clients with the affected Macan cars – mainly in Europe – would be contacted for a free inspection of the unit and – if necessary – a replacement.

The problem with the new Macan is something to be expected, as many newly introduced models have initial problems, easily addressed over time, but the new glitch adds to the latest 911 GT3 problem, in which owners of the model were called to stop driving the car, as it could burst into flames. The Stuttgart-based automaker addressed the problem by all together replacing the engines on all 911 GT3 models.

Porsche wants Macan’s record to go on untarnished, as it aims to jump sales above the 200,000 units mark in 2015, mainly buoyed by rising sales in the Sports utility segment.

Via Reuters