Porsche is embracing the green philosophy – with the help of plug-in hybrids image

The German sports car manufacturer, once knew only for its iconic 911 model and today seen as a true luxury automaker with a complete model range, is undergoing a complete mindset shift.

Once the mighty roar of boxer six-cylinder engines was all that mattered for the company that has its headquarters near Stuttgart and is today under the belt of Volkswagen Ag, the world’s second-largest motoring group. Now, Bernhard Maier, Porsche’s global sales and marketing chief is one of the top executives that commutes daily using either a Porsche Cayenne plug-in hybrid or a Panamera with a low-carbon dioxide powertrain. The goal is clear – make the round-trip emissions free.

That’s because he’s one of the true believers in plug-in hybrids – cars that use both an electric motor and a traditional gasoline or diesel engine, but also can charge up the battery from any available and matching outlet. Such models take the best of both worlds, enabling people to have total flexibility in terms of range and performance – with the ability to use electricity at home or at the office as a filling station.

When it comes to Porsche’s plug-in hybrids, the Panamera version already has 10% of the global demand for the model, while the Cayenne – recently introduced – is still gearing up. On the other hand, besides the already sold-out 918 Spyder – a convincing hybrid sports car – Porsche is not in a rush to add another hybrid model, such as a plug-in 911 – with Maier only hinting towards the many ideas the executives have been discussing, though none of them is in a stage that it would require production approval.

Via Automotive News Europe