The Volkswagen group has shown the course and now it’s up to the individual subsidiaries to conform and perform in the EV field – today it’s Porsche’s turn to reveal its plans that will be spearheaded by the Mission E electric sedan.

We already know the Mission E will arrive in production form sometime next year to battle the Tesla Model S but that’s not all the picture in terms of electrification at Porsche – which is interesting, considering the company already has elements in the field, such as the plug in Panamera and Cayenne. The brand’s range of eco-friendly models will include full EVs and naturally a wider array of plug-in hybrid models. The company headquartered in Stuttgart has been given by its managers the approval to spend a whopping €6 billion, with a mere 500 million euro spent on the Mission E and related models.

The Porsche AG Supervisory Board have also decided that around one billion euros should be used to hybridize and electrify the company’s current portfolio, with an additional 700 million euro reserved for smart mobility, as well as new technologies. “Several hundred million” have been reserved to make sure the production facilities will be up to standards in order to deliver the electrified models. Porsche is also reminding us of the Mission E’s performance prowess, claiming a power feature of 600 horsepower for a 62 mph (100 kph) sprint in “significantly less” than 3.5 seconds, while “it will also be able to accelerate and brake repeatedly without any loss of performance.”


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