Porsche Macan and Audi Q5 won’t have much in common, R&D boss says image

Porsche’s entry-level SUV, the Macan, will be a completely different dynamic proposition from the Audi Q5, the carmaker’s R&D chief told Autocar.

Although the Macan will be built on the Audi Q5 platform, Wolfgang Hatz said it will not be „a Q5 with a Porsche hat on”. The Macan, which will be revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show, will have a very different character than Audi’s Q5.

“Everything has been modified. Engines, transmissions, suspension — it’s all new. Audi can’t believe what we’ve done,” Hatz added. The engineer also said that the Macan won’t compete with the Audi Q5’s sales, as the customers of the two models are very different.

Hatz also confirmed that the Macan will be the first modern-day Porsche to have four-cylinder engines in its line-up. However, these engines won’t be available from the beginning, but in the medium term to longterm, Hatz said.

Originally known by its code name Cajun, the Macan owes its name to the Indonesian word for tiger. The SUV will be built alonside the Panamera and the Cayenne at the Porsche’s Leipzig plant, which will be extended to accommodate the production of the Macan. The car will be aimed at the Range Rover Evoque and may even have a three-door version.