The German based automaker Porsche has recently introduced the new Macan to the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show too, with the event marking the Asian debut of the model.

Porsche has officially unveiled the brand new Macan at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show, just a few days ago, and the model was also brought to Asia, where one of the largest automotive events on the continent, the Tokyo Motor Show, is taking place. The model in question, which was unveiled in Japan, was finished in black and, as you can see on its license plate, this is the top of the line Macan Turbo version.

The entry-level SUV to the Porsche lineup stands at 4,675 mm in length, 1,923 mm in width and 1,628 mm in height, riding on a 2,807 mm wheelbase. At the time of its market launch, the brand new Porsche Macan will be offered in three trim levels, the Macan S, the Macan S Diesel and the Macan Turbo. The first one will be getting 340 HP (250 kW) from a 3.0 liter engine, the Macan S Diesel will come with 258 HP (190 kW) and the Macan Turbo with a 3.6 liter V6 twin turbo engine, producing 400 HP (294 kW).


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