The German based automaker Porsche has been recently spotted testing the brand new Macan on a public road, once again.

The upcoming Porsche Macan is no longer a surprise for anyone in the industry as the company is currently testing the new SUV ever since 2012. The newest spy photos are showing the Macan being tested on a public road, with no camouflage on its body. The model in question has a coupe-ish body style and it’s riding on a platform used on the Audi Q5, which will also be used on the upcoming Q6, but the differences will come in the luxury features.

The Porsche Macan has a larger center grille, a sloped back, longer overhangs and a sportier overall looks, compared to its larger brother, the Cayenne. The new SUV will be powered by a V6 375 HP engine in the Macan Turbo version, which will make the model 80 HP more powerful than the cheapest version of the Cayenne. The first Porsche four-cylinder engine, since the 968 was dropped back in 1995, will also be used on the Macan. Additional details on the Porsche Macan are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following months.


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