Just a few months back, Porsche announced it would take the Mission E concept from prototype to reality and the associated investment would require 700 million euros and the creation of more than 1, 000 new work positions.

Now the German sports car manufacturer is back with an update and has announced the actual jobs are actually the 1, 400 units level – all created in the Stuttgart area to focus on the car’s development and production. Among them will be more than 100 IT specialists, as well as production planners, and additional apprentices. Porsche has been doubling its workforce to 26,200 people at the end of June since 2010 and said it will continue to hire even more in the near future. Since we’re talking about an iconic automaker, these jobs are highly coveted and Porsche typically gets at least 140,000 job applications every year. For example, the 220 apprenticeship positions are sought after by no less than 7,500 people.

Aside from increasing its workforce, Porsche is also investing those €700 million in the preparation of the assembly facilities for the production version of the Mission E – with part of the investment going into a new assembly factory and a paint shop. The current body shop and engine plant will also be expanded while the Weissach development center where development is handled will also get a cash infusion. The Mission E production model will keep most of the concept’s design and specifications, coming off the line in Zuffenhausen at the end of the decade with the new pure electric powertrain packing more than 600 horsepower (440 kilowatts) and linked to a battery enabling a range of more than 330 miles (531 kilometers).



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