Porsche not interested about Formula1 image

Recent rumors are circulating pointing towards Porsche rejoining Formula 1 sometime in the near future.
During the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Porsche chairman Matthias Mueller made a statement hinting to a possible Porsche return to Formula 1. At that time, the chairman said that either Porsche or Audi would compete in Le Mans while the other would turn to Formula 1.

However, today, Porsche’s CEO Matthias Mueller has called Formula 1 “not interesting,” and “simply too expensive.” Instead, the company will be putting its racing efforts toward a new FIA endurance racing category to come in 2014.

Mueller said the new series is appealing to Porsche because it will feature races in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Another advantage is that the series is more affordable than F1.

When Porsche entered into races, Porsche astonished the world with its performances. However, participation in Formula 1 races brought mixed results. In the 1961-1962 seasons, Porsche participated as a constructor but produced just one win in a championship race, claimed by Dan Gurney at the 1962 French Grand Prix.

Porsche last competed in F1 back in 1991 as an engine supplier to Footwork (Arrows) while in the 1960s it ran a works team, who won the 1962 French GP with Dan Gurney at the wheel.

  • Robert Franssen

    Actually Porsche reaped enormous results for supplying engines to the McLaren team (badges as TAG) with wins for both Prost and Senna.