Porsche officially puts a digital spin on vintage models image

Having a vintage model, even a sports car, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an “off the grid” customer and the wide variety of aftermarket audio taken to the extreme can be a testament of that.

But while an aftermarket audio system will most likely never be an eye-catcher (in the positive sense, that is) inside a vintage or classic sports car, here’s the model that goes against the current. That’s because there’s a huge basis of owners that don’t want their precious models to be ruined by modern audio upgrades, but also really need some sorts of integration with their very modern smartphones. For owners of classic Porsche cars there’s a solution now: the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System. It’s essentially a beautifully crafted DIN-1 sized audio-navigation system that looks as if factory built in the dashboard of vintage Porsches – with the system compatible with a vast array of models dating back the mid-1960s 911 (it also goes up to the last original 911 series, the type 993). It’s even available for the V8 928 and inline four-cylinder models – the 924, 944, 968.

While you do get a very small (by today’s standards) 3.5 inch touchscreen, it’s in high definition and the operations come via touch inputs or the integrated switches and buttons. It’s also based on the current Porsche Communication Management system, so owners of both modern and vintage Porsches will have no trouble accommodating. The system can be integrated with iPhones and iPods and there are also USB and AUX slots. Bluetooth is also available and there’s 4 x 45 watts of audio power.

Via Forbes